Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Give Blair a Bloody Nose

Will the publication of the Attorney General's advice have any effect upon the election? It is a little difficult blogging up a storm from Provincetown on Cape Cod, although it is wet enough to count as one. Now we know that the Legal Officer of the government told Blair that his war was illegal without evidence of weapons of mass destruction and that the Criminally inclined Minister ignored the Code of Ministerial Conduct (doesn't apply to Primes, you know!!)

The advice is here. I don't think that this will have a radical impact upon the election as Iraq is less important than 'skoolzanhospitalz' for the elctorate. However, now that Howard is following the Crosby method of telling the electorate to give Blair a bloody nose, this places the issue of trust in sharp relief.

Let us hope that there is an upturn in the polls for the Tories from here on in.


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