Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Link #2

The War Nerd writes that we should bring Saddam back to get out of Iraq quick. While I see a certain elegance in the plan, I think that we have another easier to implement plan also on offer.

Step 1. Talk to Sistani and promise him Iraq if he let's us get out
Step 2. Hold elections and allow Shiite theocrat thugs to rig them (we're going to allow Allawi's sub-Baathist lot to do that any way)
Step 3. Act surprised when Shiite theocrat thugs "win"
Step 4. Let Shiite theocrat thugs take over
Step 5. Withdraw as quickly as decently possible
Step 6. Express usual formulations of regret as Shiite theocrat thugs knock ten bells out of the Sunnis
Step 7. Pretend that a strategic realignment vis-a-vis Iraq and Iran is just not happening

Well its better than fighting Falluja again and again. And the beauty of this is that we can either do this with the Americans, or (with a bit of nastiness from the Bushies) we can do it without them.


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