Saturday, August 28, 2004
An Aid to Constructive Thinking

Both 'The Times' and 'The Daily Mail' have publicised a revelation from 'The Sun' that Michael Howard has been prohibited from visiting the Republican Convention and meeting President Bushin the White House. This is considered suitable punishment for the Tories indecision over cheerleading for the War in Iraq, since they were expected to line up behind Blair, no matter the electoral damage that has been inflicted.

The articles are non-linkable at present and a Google search has revealed nothing as yet. All of the Murdoch articles spin this as an embarrassment for Howard. However, this ban could propel elements in the Tory Party to wonder why they should slavishly follow the American line, when it appears to involve passing up opportunities to reduce the socialist hold on Britain. It probably won't do Howard any harm either: most people dislike Bush over here and by publicising this prohibition, Howard could make in-roads into the disaffected conservative vote that views Iraq as a quagmire. (There are more than you think.)

(13.00, 28th August 2004)


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