Monday, May 28, 2001
Another column calling itself, Airstrip One. I'm not connected to it, but I must say that I like the irreverent humour.

The Pro-European Tories could only get seven (count it, seven) businessmen to sign a letter to the Times. A new low?
Monday, May 21, 2001
Something old, something new.

I've started up two groups on Yahoo! recently.

Firstly there is the immigrationuk group, which is about, well, immigration in the UK. I was wary about doing this, but people who are worried about foreign policy, also tend to think about immigration. If we don't have a rational discussion on it soon, the nutters of the right will take the territory.

Secondly there is the eulaw group, which has been around for some time and is there to discuss European Union law as it pertains to the EU.

Saturday, May 19, 2001
Armchair warriors

An article on West Africa The war that spread, you will need a subscription (bookmark
Macedonia - not innocent.

"Is Macedonia and its various groups totally innocent?

Of course not! In some respects there is more repression of the Albanians in Macedonia than in Kosovo."

Fighting stuff!
Sunday, May 13, 2001
New Labour Poodle

If anyone believes that Searchlight has a a scintilla of independence from the British intelligence services, just read their "expose" of the Democracy Movement.

Do they do similar exposes of Ken Clark's links to Oswald Mosley, or Oswald's son, Max, and his big donations to Labour (after years on the pro-European margins of the Tory party)? Of course not, you see Oswald was pro-European, as are Kenneth and Max, and one can't investigate the youthful links of a number of pro-European politicians and benefactors? All so strange.

Undecided Italy faces more chaos as voters desert Berlusconi.

So the breathless claims of mine, let alone Justin Raimondo's don't look as if they will come to pass. At least I predicted that he would lose in the end.

And why has no one noticed the clear breach of journalistic ethics from The Economist in their Berlusconi bashing article. If a government Senator is going to write an article smearing the leader of the opposition, she should at least sign it!